Webinar Frequently Asked Questions: 


What is a Webinar? 

A webinar is an interactive, live online seminar or presentation that is viewed via an internet browser (or listened to through a phone).  To put it simply, it is an online event that connects individuals with viewers across the world. A webinar projects the faces of multiple speakers so that viewers can both listen to the presentation and see the speakers as they converse in real-time.   


How does a Webinar work? 

Webinars will be announced on the Council website and through email announcements, similar to our in-person events. There will be a link to register for the webinar using your preferred email address. Once registered, you will receive a link to the Webinar, which directs you to a browser called “GoToWebinar.” We’ll send a reminder shortly before the Webinar goes live. You have the option to join via a web browser, or the option to call in and listen to only the audio via phone.  


Do I need special equipment to participate? 

All you’ll need is a computer or phone with an internet connection and speakers or headphones (no special download necessary), OR a phone that can make a call. That’s it!  


How is a Webinar interactive? 

Not only do you see the conversation happen in real-time, but the Webinar also has a chat box where the audience can type questions that are sent to the speakers. At the end of the conversation, the speakers will field questions in the chat box and respond, again, in real-time. However, you can only submit questions if you join via internet browser, you cannot ask questions if you call into the webinar via phone.  


What if I am not free during the live Webinar time? 

For all LAWACTH Webinars, the conversation will be available on YouTube within 24 hours after the LivestreamBecause it was previously broadcast, you will not be able to participate in the live Q&A. 


What are the benefits of Webinars? 

Webinars allow for the unique ability to convene thoughtful programs that cannot be organized in person. In uncertain times like this, they give LAWACTH the ability to continue to provide timely, informative programs — without posing any health risk to our members. Additionally, we can bring you speakers that are not based in Los Angeles or even in the United States. 

Webinar Attendee Manual
Please download the Webinar Attendee Manual for offline review and reference:
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