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  • Workplace Automation: Opportunities, Ethical Challenges, & Brave New World

    On one hand, automation improves the lives of employees by acting as a virtual assistant, there to assist employees with rotary tasks like keying in invoices into their software systems or making PowerPoints. But on the other hand, there are also people who may be left behind or even marginalized by biased automated decision making algorithms.

    Hosted by the LAWACTH Young Professionals, this discussion tackles the current state of automation and wrestles with how the future of workplace automation can be ethical and promote societal well-being.

    The conversation is led by:
    - Eve Psalti, Head of Strategic Platforms at Google Cloud
    - Joanna Robinson, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services at CGI
    - Rachel Whaley, Technology Lead at LA Tech4Good
    - Jerome Hsiang (Moderator) - Young Professionals Board Chair
  • A Special Message from the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall

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    Featured Speakers in Order of Appearance:
    1 - Silvia Chiave, Italian Consul General to Los Angeles
    2 - Jon Regardie, Los Angeles magazine contributor - with Los Angeles County Supervisor (5th District) and Board Chair Kathryn Barger, and Dr. Barbara Ferrer Director, LA County Dept. of Public Health
    3 - Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez of the Philippines - with by RAND Senior Defense Analyst Derek Grossman
    4 - Maryam Zar, Founder of Womenfound - with Charles Lister, Dr. Zaki Lababidi, and Thomas McClure
    5 - Pete Buttigieg, former Presidential Candidate and Mayor of South Bend - with Judy Woodruff, anchor and managing editor of the PBS NewsHour
    6 - Lawrence H. Summers, 71st Treasury Secretary - with Bill Dolan, U.S. Bank SVP & and Portfolio Management Managing Director
    7 - Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO of New America - with Robert J. Abernethy
    8 - Guy Raz, NPR host, co-creator, and editorial director - with The Honorable Maria Contreras-Sweet, 24th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business agency
    9 - Martha Barcena Coqui, Mexican Ambassador to the US
    10 - See note 2
    11 - See note 1
    12 - See note 4
    13 - Sewell Chan, Editorial Page Editor at the LA Times - with Jeffrey Wasserstrom, UC Irvine History Department, and Elaine Yu, reporter for the New York Times
    14 - Dan Schnur, Politics Professor at USC, UC-Berkeley, and Pepperdine - with US Senator Tim Scott
    15 - See note 6
    16 - John R. Allen, President of the Brookings Institution
    17 - Dr. Fiona Hill, Former Deputy Assistant to the President & Sr. Director on the National Security Council
    18 - Robert J. Abernethy, Chairman of American Standard Development Company and Board Member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall
    19 - Ron Brownstein, CNN Senior Political Analyst & Senior Editor for The Atlantic - with Dan Schnur

    Production by Claire Krelitz
  • Politics in the Time of Coronavirus | Episode 18 - Biden Chooses Harris, Postal Service Election...

    On this weekly livestream, Dan Schnur a politics professor at USC, UC Berkeley, and Pepperdine takes an analytical approach to the biggest headlines of the week and elevates the stories you may have missed. Dan connects the daily news to larger political trends and spends most of the time answering the live audiences' most pressing political questions.

    On this episode:
    1) The Postal Service Election: Voting During a Pandemic
    2) The Battle for the Post-Trump Republican Party
    3) Biden Makes His Pick: What Kamala Harris Means for the Presidential Campaign

    Join our weekly livestream every Thursday at 11 am PST to make sense of politics in the time of Coronavirus.

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  • LA's Trade & Commerce Challenges Amidst COVID-19

    In partnership with the World Trade Center of Los Angeles, we welcomed Christine Peterson, Director of Trade and Investment for the City of Los Angeles and Marisela Carabello, Director of Trade Development for the Port of Los Angeles for more information on the Coronavirus pandemic in regards to LA's international trade. The panel was moderated by Stephen Cheung, President of the World Trade Center, Los Angeles.

    The panel discussed how COVID-19 has impacted the Port of Los Angeles, which is the nation's No. 1 container port and represents 20% of all cargo coming into the US. They also analyzed the trade policies that brought America to its current situation and the policies that Los Angeles, the nation, and the world should be implementing to move forward.

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  • Congressman Jimmy Gomez on the Future Leadership of America

    Kyle Langan sits down with Congressman Jimmy Gomez for a conversation on being a young federal legislator, what drove him to politics, threats to America's democracy, and the future of the country.

    Find out more at
  • Foreign Minister of Taiwan on Taiwan's Partnership with the US

    Taiwan: An Enduring Partner with the US in the Free and
    Open Indo-Pacific

    Joseph Wu, Foreign Minister of Taiwan, spoke to LAWAC on Monday, March 11, 2019. To read his remarks click here:
  • The Future of Cars Around the World

    Erik Antonsson, aiPod

    Michael Dunne, Dunne Automotive Ltd.

    Moderator: John Rossant, NewCities & LA CoMotion

    The auto world has long been dominated by the US, Germany and Japan, but with the shifting landscape to electrification and autonomous vehicles new players are emerging. China is now the largest maker of electric cars. Dubai is taking a comprehensive look at transportation reform, including investments in aerial taxis. Cities like London and Singapore are also developing innovative ideas to transform urban mobility. And then there is the hyperloop…
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Mory Gharib, California Institute of Technology

    George Karayannis, CityNOW, Panasonic

    Jill Sciarappo, Automated Driving Solutions Division, Intel

    Rishabh Sharma, Poletus

    Moderator: August Bradley, Mind and Machine

    Breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies have enabled an exponential acceleration of autonomous vehicles. From super lightweight batteries to Lidar and sensory systems to artificial intelligence, these innovations have provided the tools that automotive and tech manufacturers need to build cars of the future. Hear from industry and research leaders about the newest technologies that will drive on our road for generations to come.
  • Designing the Future

    Franz Von Holzhausen, Tesla

    Moderator: Jay Ward, Pixar Animation Studios

    A moderated conversation with Tesla's Chief of Design.
  • Perspectives on the Future of the Automobile

    Jeffrey Cole, University of Southern California

    Dan Eberhart, Canary

    Stefan Krause, EVelozcity

    Kent Kresa, Petersen Automotive Museum

    John Rossant, NewCities & LA CoMotion

    Dakota Semler, Thor Trucks

    Ryan Westrom, Ford Smart Mobility

    Brian Witten, Symantec

    Moderator: Terry McCarthy, Los Angeles World Affairs Council

    With the rapidly approaching transition to automated vehicles, the number of stakeholders in the transportation sector is quickly expanding. From energy and infrastructure to cyber security and technology start-ups, new opportunities and challenges are emerging. Each speakers with three minutes each will give their take on how we got here, where the industry is going and what we should watch out for as it goes there.

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