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  • Business Ethics with Airbnb's Rob Chesnut, moderated by Heather Nevitt

    Corporate and business ethics have been tested by the pandemic and increasing calls for diversity and inclusion. This livestream hosts Rob Chesnut, former chief ethics officer and general counsel at Airbnb, and discusses how companies can lead with "intentional integrity." The conversation is moderated by Heather D. Nevitt, editor-in-chief of Corporate Counsel, Inside Counsel and Global Leaders in Law, a private network for general counsel at ALM Media.

    You can purchase Rob's new book “Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies can Lead an Ethical Revolution” here:
  • Robert Reich in Los Angeles on Income Inequality

    Robert Reich, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor, discussed the state of income inequality, the Trump presidency, the new steel and aluminum tariffs and the promising future of today's high school and college students.
  • Robert Gates: US Too Quick to use Military Force

    1/30/14 Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Los Angeles World Affairs Council that “not every outrage should elicit an American military response.”
  • Robert Gates: My War with “insulting, incompetent, hypocritical” Congress

    1/30/14 Defense Secretary Robert Gates talks to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council about his constant fights with the “insulting, incompetent, hypocritical, rude, bullying, parochial, egotistical, think-skinned” Congress
  • Robert Gates


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