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  • Foreign Policy Stakes of the 2020 Election: Rebecca Lissner, Mira Rapp-Hooper, & Max Boot

    2020 Election Series Part 1: The Foreign Policy Stakes

    As the country prepares for a presidential election of historic significance and charts its course in a post-pandemic world, the US has been forced to rethink its relationships to its allies, its adversaries, and even its own technology sector, in order to maintain its position as the world’s leading power. Foreign policy experts Rebecca Lissner and Mira Rapp-Hooper discuss the key challenges facing the US in the 21st Century, including US-China relations, economic interdependence, preparing for non-military threats, and what needs to be done to be better prepared if there is another global pandemic. The discussion is moderated by Max Boot, historian, best-selling author, columnist, and foreign-policy analyst.

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  • Congressman Jimmy Gomez on the Future Leadership of America

    Kyle Langan sits down with Congressman Jimmy Gomez for a conversation on being a young federal legislator, what drove him to politics, threats to America's democracy, and the future of the country.

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  • Robert Reich in Los Angeles on Income Inequality

    Robert Reich, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor, discussed the state of income inequality, the Trump presidency, the new steel and aluminum tariffs and the promising future of today's high school and college students.
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter on a Woman's Journey in Foreign Policy

    Anne-Marie Slaughter talks about women, men, family, work and foreign policy as she addresses the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on October 8th.
  • Brian Jenkins on the Evolution of Terrorism

    Brian Jenkins, senior adviser to the President of Rand Corporation and expert on counterterrorism, in conversation with Terry McCarthy, President of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

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  • Senator John McCain on America's Role in the World

    Senator John McCain addresses the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, on America's Role in the World.

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