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  • Preserving Mental Health During A Pandemic with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    This timely webinar addresses mental health in the wake of the pandemic. The coronavirus has caused much stress and anxiety as Americans continue to navigate immense changes impacting all social groups at home, work, and school. This panel of psychologists discusses overcoming negative emotional responses, resiliency and vitality for all age groups – adults, children, teenagers and seniors. The panel features:
    - Dr. Jay Finkelman, an industrial and forensic psychologist specializing in human resource management
    - Dr. Nadia Jones, a marriage and family therapist and educational psychologist
    - Dr. Bina Parekh (moderator), Associate Department Chair, Clinical Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Michael Shellenberger and Benjamin Preston on the Future of Environmental Activism

    This livestream on the future of climate activism features Michael Shellenberger, a leading energy, security and environmental expert named “Hero of the Environment” by Time magazine. While Shellenberger has been a lifelong environmental activist, he now argues that “climate alarmism” is distracting us from dealing with important environmental problems, including those that led to the current coronavirus pandemic. He posits, while climate change is real, it is not the end of the world nor even the biggest environmental challenge we face. The conversation is moderated by Benjamin Lee Preston, a senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation and director of the Community Health and Environmental Policy program.

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  • Senator Dianne Feinstein on Iran, Torture and Women in Politics - September 2, 2015

    Senator Dianne Feinstein said "there is no better deal" on the Iran nuclear issue, called Edward Snowden's actions a "form of espionage" that put American lives at risk, and said that after the recent release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture, "I don't think this will ever, ever happen again." Feinstein spoke to a sold-out Los Angeles World Affairs Council dinner September 2nd and also talked about drones, how politics have changed, and how the position of women in politics has changed over her five-decade long career.
  • Dianne Feinstein on the Iran Nuclear Deal

    US Senator Dianne Feinstein in conversation with Terry McCarthy, President of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

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  • Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA 39th District) on ISIS, Iran, Russia and America’s Foreign Policy

    Congressman Ed Royce speaking to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA on September 23, 2014.

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