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  • Former Governor Jerry Brown with Award-Winning Journalist Jim Newton

    On this livestream hosted by Writers Bloc and the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall, Jim Newton and former California Governor Jerry Brown discuss the arc of Brown’s career, his impact on national politics, and his take on the future — especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In his new book, Man of Tomorrow: The Relentless Life of Jerry Brown, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Jim Newton explores the unconventional arc of Brown’s career: In addition to being the longest-serving governor in California history, Brown was a three-time Presidential candidate, a two-term Mayor of Oakland, and the California Attorney General. Newton reveals the complex and often contradictory nature of Jerry Brown’s personality and politics– and how Brown’s leadership stood up to the Trump White House policies on climate change, immigration, and more.

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  • Congressman Jimmy Gomez on the Future Leadership of America

    Kyle Langan sits down with Congressman Jimmy Gomez for a conversation on being a young federal legislator, what drove him to politics, threats to America's democracy, and the future of the country.

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