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  • Ambassadors Wolfgang Ischinger and John Emerson: Germany and Europe in an Uncertain Time

    This livestream, co-presented with the American Council on Germany, features Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany’s most prominent diplomat, in conversation with former US Ambassador to Germany John Emerson. The conversation offers a vision of a European future of peace and stability. The Ambassadors examine the root causes of Europe's current conflicts, and provide key insights on how these can be successfully addressed to grow stronger as a continent.

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  • Perspectives on the Future of the Automobile

    Jeffrey Cole, University of Southern California

    Dan Eberhart, Canary

    Stefan Krause, EVelozcity

    Kent Kresa, Petersen Automotive Museum

    John Rossant, NewCities & LA CoMotion

    Dakota Semler, Thor Trucks

    Ryan Westrom, Ford Smart Mobility

    Brian Witten, Symantec

    Moderator: Terry McCarthy, Los Angeles World Affairs Council

    With the rapidly approaching transition to automated vehicles, the number of stakeholders in the transportation sector is quickly expanding. From energy and infrastructure to cyber security and technology start-ups, new opportunities and challenges are emerging. Each speakers with three minutes each will give their take on how we got here, where the industry is going and what we should watch out for as it goes there.
  • President of Ghana John Mahama on Ghana's Rise

    "I'm here to talk about Ghana's rise," said President of Ghana John Mahama to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on Thursday, October 1st. "To your ears that might sound like a simple 15 minute speech," he said. "To my ears it's like being asked to provide a detailed synopsis of war and peace...I say this to be a bit cheeky." Unlike many of his neighboring countries who for long stretches of time have been engaged in civil war, Ghana has never experienced civil war - though there were periods of time when it appeared that, as Mahama said, "We were at war with our own purpose." He said that "in many ways it is easier to understand and appreciate Ghana's rise, if you know its fall."
  • President of Ghana speaks to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council

    Ghana's President John Mahama on Ghana's rise - October 1, 2015
  • Sen. John McCain: don’t appease aggression

    3/20/14 Senator John McCain tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council that “history shows If you cave into aggressors, it only encourages further aggression.”
  • Sen. John McCain: US is the indispensable nation

    3/20/14 Senator John McCain tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council the US is “the indispensable nation” and ‘if we don’t lead, who will?”
  • Sen. John McCain on need for immigration reform

    3/20/14 Senator John McCain talks to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council about why the US – and the Republican Party – needs immigration reform.
  • Senator John McCain on America's Role in the World

    Senator John McCain addresses the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, on America's Role in the World.

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