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  • LA City Planners Design AV's Future

    David DeRosa, AECOM

    Ashley Hand, CityFi

    Michael Lim, Global Transportation, Tech and Finance Advisor

    Ryan Westrom, Ford Smart Mobility

    Moderator: Frances Anderton, DnA, KCRW

    Los Angeles was built for the car and is fast becoming one of the main testing grounds for ridesharing and autonomous vehicle development. Los Angeles planners have been looking at models for mobility in the future, and designing public-private partnerships to develop transportation infrastructure ahead of the 2028 Olympics.
  • Joel Pollak, Dan Schnur and Josh Lockman on Trump's First 100 Days

    As President Trump closed in on his first 100 days with a timely announcement about a plan to drastically cut taxes, the LA World Affairs Council hosted a panel discussion on Tuesday, May 2nd, with a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, Josh Lockman, senior Breitbart editor, Joel Pollak, and a political pollster, Dan Schnur, who all have very different views of Trump and his policies – reflecting the diversity of opinion nation-wide on the 45th President.

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  • Habana Compas Dance

  • Ban Ki-moon on the World's Moral Duty

    Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, said the international community was failing in its moral duty "to make the world a better place", and called for improved global cooperation to reduce conflict and suffering. Speaking to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on Tuesday, April 5th, Ban said that "in this 21st century with all of the prosperity and capabilities we have, we should haven't so many people suffering." More than 125 million people around the world need daily humanitarian assistance - among them more than 60 million refugees. "This is the most number of people since the end of the Second World War." Ban talked about his frequent visits to refugee camps and the parallels with his experience of being forced from his home at age 6 by war in Korea. He also talked about his fears of nuclear materials being acquired by non-state actors and said "there are no right hands for the wrong weapons." He also talked about the importance of empowering women and he made a plea for California to "remain at the forefront of climate action."
  • Ban Ki-moon - Secretary-General of the United Nations

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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