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  • Amb. Chihombori Quao, Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce, & Grant Harris: Inequality on the African Continent

    This livestream between the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall and the World Trade Center Los Angeles interrogates racism and racial inequality globally, specifically towards African nations. The conversation is led by Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD & African Union Ambassador to the US (2016-2019), Ben Murray-Bruce, former Nigerian Senator (2015-2019) & founder of the Silverbird Group, and Grant Harris, CEO of Harris Africa Partners & former Senior Director for African Affairs at the White House.

    The panel discussed the unfair treatment of African Nations by corporations and international institutions, and what policies and guidelines governments, corporations and institutions can develop to address these inequalities and unfair practices. Unequal health outcomes in many African Nations from the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the unequal global allocation of health resources, is just one pressing example. The discussion focuses on historic and contemporary examples of institutionalized racism towards the continent of Africa within global economic structures and business. The conversation is moderated by WTCLA president, Stephen Cheung.
  • President of Ghana John Mahama on Ghana's Rise

    "I'm here to talk about Ghana's rise," said President of Ghana John Mahama to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on Thursday, October 1st. "To your ears that might sound like a simple 15 minute speech," he said. "To my ears it's like being asked to provide a detailed synopsis of war and peace...I say this to be a bit cheeky." Unlike many of his neighboring countries who for long stretches of time have been engaged in civil war, Ghana has never experienced civil war - though there were periods of time when it appeared that, as Mahama said, "We were at war with our own purpose." He said that "in many ways it is easier to understand and appreciate Ghana's rise, if you know its fall."
  • Q & A with Ramzy Malouki on Mauritania's Oscar Nominee "Timbuktu"

    Following our screening of Timbuktu, we held a Q & A with Ramzy Malouki, Los Angeles Bureau Chief of Canal+ and member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, representing Algeria, Belgium, France, Morocco and Tunisia, moderated by Los Angeles World Affairs Council President Terry McCarthy.

    This screening was part of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council's Award Season Foreign Film Series. For more info, visit

    Song is Timbuktu Fasso [feat. Fatoumata Diawara] by Amine Bouhafa from the Timbuktu Soundtrack

    Rwandan President Paul Kagame addresses the Los Angeles World Affair Council.

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