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  • Anne-Marie Slaughter on a Woman's Journey in Foreign Policy

    Anne-Marie Slaughter talks about women, men, family, work and foreign policy as she addresses the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on October 8th.
  • President of Ghana speaks to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council

    Ghana's President John Mahama on Ghana's rise - October 1, 2015
  • Elon Musk on Tesla’s lack of coat hooks and reading lights

    11/18/13 Elon Musk tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council why he didn’t put a coat hook or a reading light in the Tesla Model S – and what his kids thought!
  • Robert Gates: My War with “insulting, incompetent, hypocritical” Congress

    1/30/14 Defense Secretary Robert Gates talks to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council about his constant fights with the “insulting, incompetent, hypocritical, rude, bullying, parochial, egotistical, think-skinned” Congress
  • Andrew Zimbalist on Los Angeles's Olympic Bid

    Leading sports economist Andrew Zimbalist discusses the financial impact of hosting the Olympics with Terry McCarthy, President & CEO of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

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  • Senator Dianne Feinstein on Iran, Torture and Women in Politics - September 2, 2015

    Senator Dianne Feinstein said "there is no better deal" on the Iran nuclear issue, called Edward Snowden's actions a "form of espionage" that put American lives at risk, and said that after the recent release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture, "I don't think this will ever, ever happen again." Feinstein spoke to a sold-out Los Angeles World Affairs Council dinner September 2nd and also talked about drones, how politics have changed, and how the position of women in politics has changed over her five-decade long career.
  • President of Ghana John Mahama on Ghana's Rise

    "I'm here to talk about Ghana's rise," said President of Ghana John Mahama to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on Thursday, October 1st. "To your ears that might sound like a simple 15 minute speech," he said. "To my ears it's like being asked to provide a detailed synopsis of war and peace...I say this to be a bit cheeky." Unlike many of his neighboring countries who for long stretches of time have been engaged in civil war, Ghana has never experienced civil war - though there were periods of time when it appeared that, as Mahama said, "We were at war with our own purpose." He said that "in many ways it is easier to understand and appreciate Ghana's rise, if you know its fall."
  • Brian M Jenkins on Countering Terrorism for Four Decades

    Terrorists have become more violent and lethal over the past four decades because many are now motivated by religious absolutism and not by political objectives, according to Brian Jenkins. Now a senior adviser to the President of RAND Corporation, Jenkins looked back over his 43 years of studying terrorism at a dinner with LAWAC on Thursday, September 25 with the benefit of chastened hindsight. He admitted he missed some emerging trends, including the importance of the Internet to terrorist networks, but above all he cautioned Americans from overreacting to a terrorist threat that, in the years following 9/11, have killed only a handful of Americans in this country every year.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham Full

    Senator Lindsey Graham said that the Republican Party risks losing its soul because of its fear of Donald Trump, and that ISIS needs to be destroyed or they will launch another 9/11 on the United States. The Senator from South Carolina and Presidential candidate spoke to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council at a dinner on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Graham said that the war against ISIS cannot be won from the air but requires troops on the ground which he argued should include American along with Turkish and Sunni Arab troops. He also said that Putin is a bully who shouldn't be appeased and that our most serious national security threat is our level of debt.
  • Dianne Feinstein on the Iran Nuclear Deal

    US Senator Dianne Feinstein in conversation with Terry McCarthy, President of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

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