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  • How Conspiracy Theories and Fake News Drive Political Behavior Around the World

    For many of us, science-based critical analysis fuels our understanding of reality, but false stories reach the same number of people six times faster than those that are factual. Why do we believe what we believe? Where do those ideas come from? And how do we then act on them? Are all key questions in the (Dis)Information Age.

    On this livestream, the Young Professionals of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Town Hall invite you to explore these questions with us and Christina Nemr, Director at Park Advisors, in our upcoming event looking at societal implications of conspiracy theories and disinformation.
  • LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger & Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer

    On this livestream, Los Angeles County Supervisor (5th District) and Board Chair Kathryn Barger, and Dr. Barbara Ferrer Director, LA County Dept. of Public Health discuss the extension of LA County's "Safer at Home" order -- now set through July. Moderated by local journalist and Los Angeles magazine contributor, Jon Regardie the panel addresses:
    - The plan for reopening economic and industrial sectors
    - The status of testing, PPE, and the County's capacity to care for those who are infected
    - What to expect in the future for LA County

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  • Leslie Moonves: Cable is too expensive

    11/19/15 CBS CEO Leslie Moonves tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council why cable television is too expensive, and why LA should be able to see the Dodgers on TV.
  • Robert Gates: US Too Quick to use Military Force

    1/30/14 Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Los Angeles World Affairs Council that “not every outrage should elicit an American military response.”
  • Martin Luther King – Untouchables in India and America

    2/26/1965 Dr Martin Luther King Jnr tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council how he was introduced as a “fellow untouchable” in a school for untouchables in India, and what that meant to him
  • Gen David Petraeus - whole government approach to counterterrorism

    9/3/2009 General David Petraeus tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council how counterterrorism needs whole-of-government approach, not just Special Forces
  • James Bamford: NSA missing terror attacks

    2/4/15 James Bamford tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council that despite extensive intelligence gathering, the NSA has been unable to detect terror attacks aimed at the US.
  • Leslie Moonves on how to find a hit show

    11/19/15 CBS CEO Leslie Moonves tells the Los Angeles World Affairs Council what makes a hit show on television.
  • Cartel Land Q&A with director Matthew Heineman and Josh Brolin

    Q & A with Cartel Land director Matthew Heineman, moderated by Josh Brolin.
    Official Trailer here
    Song is The Movement from the Cartel Land Soundtrack, composed by H. Scott Salinas and Jackson Greenberg.
  • President Paul Kagame

    President of Rwanda Paul Kagame addressing the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and the UCLA Center for World Health, February 12, 2014.

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