Upcoming Events

The Impact of China's Rise on Southeast Asia
A Conversation with Sebastian Strangio
9/23/20,  4:00 PM,  Webinar
Politics in the Time of Coronavirus
A Special RBG Edition
9/24/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
How to Make a Difference — Whether or Not You Can Vote
Part of our 2020 Election Series: A Special Program for Students
9/25/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
A Conversation with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla
9/29/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
Writers Bloc and Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall Present Pete Buttigieg
10/06/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
The Key Swing States of the 2020 Election
Part of our 2020 Election Series
10/13/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
Who Will Decide the Presidential Election? The Key Voting Groups of 2020
Part of our 2020 Election Series
10/20/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
How Media Will Influence the Election: From Broadcast to Cable to Digital Organizing
Part of our 2020 Election Series
10/27/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar
An Election Day Special with Dan Schnur and Todd Purdum
Part of our 2020 Election Series
11/03/20,  11:00 AM,  Webinar