Confronting Authoritarianism Around the World
Thomas Ricks
6/02/17,  8:00 AM,  Breakfast
Akasha Cafe & Restaurant
Can the US Avoid War with China? The Mysterious "Thucydides Trap"
Graham Allison
6/05/17,  8:00 AM,  Breakfast
California Club
Hell on Earth
Screening and Q&A
6/08/17,  7:00 PM,  Screening
Landmark Theater (at Westside Pavilion)
Wargaming for Peace: How to Keep the US Secure in Today's World
Admiral James Stavridis
6/22/17,  7:00 PM,  Dinner
The Intercontinental Hotel

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America's Role in the World
President Bill Clinton
Inventing the Future
Elon Musk
Keeping Peace in Asia
Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan

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