June 8, 2018
Taking a long view of humanity's need for and development of energy sources, Richard Rhodes said that shifting from one energy source to another has always taken a long time.
May 24, 2018
The first time Michael McFaul met Vladimir Putin was in 1991 and he was an assistant to the mayor of St Petersburg. 'He made absolutely no impression on me at all,' said McFaul. 'I would never have predicted back then that he would become President of Russia.'
May 14, 2018
The Future of the Automobile Conference at the Petersen Automotive Museum, jointly hosted by the Petersen and the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on May 3rd, looked at the most cutting-edge technologies in the transportation field and aired informed and sometimes provocative speculation on the future.  ...
May 9, 2018
China is going through a third revolution, according to Elisabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations – and it is a regressive one, she claims. Following the first revolution of 1949 under Mao that brought the communists to power, and the second revolution under Deng Xiaoping that started opening China’s economy up to the world in 1979, the current leader Xi Jinping has again overturned the system ...
May 1, 2018
The trading relationship between the US and China is going to get worse before it gets better, said former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, on the eve of high level meetings between US and Chinese officials in Beijing.
May 1, 2018
In Vladimir Putin’s Russia nobody believes anything is true, the government has 'weaponized distrust' and, said Yale history professor Timothy Snyder, the Kremlin systematically confronts the EU and the US because it distracts from the basic Russian problem which is too dark to mention: what will happen when Putin dies?
April 26, 2018
'India is a major world power, but many people still don’t know that,' said Alyssa Ayres, Senior Fellow of India, Pakistan and South Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations, at a LAWAC Global Café Breakfast.
April 18, 2018
The biggest difference between young Chinese millennials and their parents’ and grandparents’ generations is 'open-mindedness', according to Zak Dychtwald. In the last ten years, outbound tourism from the US has grown by some 30%, but in China over the same period it has grown by 622%. China is now the single largest outbound tourism market in the world, yet only 4% of Chinese have passports.
March 30, 2018
Africa may have some of the fastest growing economies in the world - with Ethiopia and Ghana predicted to grow by 8% this year – but the continent still needs much greater economic and political integration if it is to raise all its people out of poverty, said Dr Arkikana Chihombori-Quao, the African Union Ambassador to the US.
March 13, 2018
Robert Reich compared the US today to the end of the Gilded Age in the late 1800s when he said the income inequality, corruption and monopolization are very similar. 'And yet,' he said, 'we snapped back in 1901 under the most unlikely President.'

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