April 27, 2017
Europe is a troubled continent – and the long term trend lines are not good, according to James Kirchick, a writer and reporter who spent four years living in Germany and traveling widely throughout Europe.
April 20, 2017
To many observers, ISIS appears to be made up of a group of psychopathic, destructive thugs with no genuine religious motivation, whose penchant for brutality almost beggars belief. But according to Graeme Wood, an Arabic-speaking writer for The Atlantic, when one talks to ISIS members the real picture that emerges is somewhat different - and in some ways even more chilling.
April 18, 2017
After 12 years in power when she seemed untouchable in German politics, Chancellor Angela Merkel suddenly faces a real challenge from the new leader of the SDP party, Martin Schulz, according to John Emerson, the former US ambassador to Germany.
April 13, 2017
The dangers of an accidental clash between Russian and US forces escalating to a serious confrontation are increasing, particularly in Syria, largely because there is so little regular communication between the two sides. 'When I was in the Clinton White House, senior officials talked to their Russian counterparts all the time - but that doesn't happen any more,' said Andrew Weiss, a Russia expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
March 24, 2017
William Parker, the COO of the East West Institute, said there are five main threats to national security: the mounting national debt, political hyper-partisanship, a worldwide refugee crisis, terrorists with access to weapons of mass destruction, and a group of state actors who bear some hostility to the US.
March 8, 2017
There is a chance of some progress towards peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the era of President Trump's administration because of the coalition of convenience between Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates that has come together in the past few years, according to former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Haim Koren.
March 3, 2017
Every time Andreas Weigend calls a 1-800 number and gets the standard advisory 'this call will be recorded for quality and training purposes' he tells the company representative on the other end of the line that he too will be recording the conversation. Not to be awkward or truculent, but rather to establish what he regards as the very important principle of 'data symmetry'.
March 1, 2017
President Trump may have got off on the wrong foot with the US intelligence community, but Greg Treverton, the outgoing chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), says the President will be forced by the demands of office to mend relations with the intelligence services.
February 28, 2017
The threat of nuclear war is greater today than it was even at the height of the Cold War, according to Dr. William Perry, Former Secretary of Defense. At a LAWAC dinner on Thursday, February 23rd, Perry said that most people assumed that once the Cold War ended, so too did the threat of nuclear weapons being used whereas he believes the opposite to be the case.
February 13, 2017
Jake Wood is a former college football player-turned Marine Corps sniper who co-founded a disaster relief organization- Team Rubicon - to help out in hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes. Since 2010 Team Rubicon has provided emergency aid to 175 disaster areas, both domestic and overseas.

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