Hyeonseo Lee
North Korean Refugee, Activist
The Struggle of North Korean Refugees
8/11/15,  8:00 AM,  Breakfast
Screening: We Come as Friends
Documentary - Q&A with Director Hubert Sauper
8/18/15,  7:00 PM,  Screening
Laemmle's Royal Theatre
Dalia Dassa Kaye
Director, Center for Middle East Public Policy at Rand
Evaluating the Iran Nuclear Deal
8/19/15,  8:00 AM,  Breakfast
Akasha Cafe & Restaurant
Screening: Beltracchi - The Art of Forgery
Documentary - Q&A with Director Arne Birkenstock
8/24/15,  7:40 PM,  Screening
Laemmle's Music Hall 3

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America's Role in the World
President Bill Clinton
Inventing the Future
Elon Musk
Keeping Peace in Asia
Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan